Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday

Well, my original plan for today was to post some of the cliche Transformation Tuesday progress photos. I got up, went to the gym, came home and took my selfies and then I just stared at them. I could see no difference between the photos I took today and the ones I took on this same day last month. I feel like I’ve been doing so good. I drag myself out of bed for the gym even when I don’t want to go, I pass on the cookies sitting in front of my face at work, I’ve choked down protein shakes and pre-workout supplements, and I’ve dealt with some kind of pain in my body nearly every day for the past month. So why is it that I’m seeing no change in my body? My heart completely sank, and honestly I think this is why I’ve given up so many times in the past. 

I’m not going to jump ship this time, but it’s hard as hell to feel like you’ve been working so hard to get somewhere and to have it appear that you’re achieving nothing. I think maybe we all have that moment of doubt where we say to ourselves “can I really do this?” And the difference between those of us who do, and those who give up is just pushing through that doubt. If you constantly make excuses for yourself, or just stop trying every time you break and have McDonalds for lunch, you’ll never get to whatever goal it is you’re working towards. Whether you’re trying to lose 50 pounds, or gain 20, the decision to keep trying lies within you. 

Have the strength to stick with option A, don’t revert back to B! 

Anyway, until I have some resemblance of a Transformation Tuesday story of my own, I want to hear yours. If you have one go ahead and drop it in the comments. I’m thinking about taking submissions and doing features every week once I can get some more traffic going through here, but I can’t do that without a little bit of help from you guys, so help me out here folks! 

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  1. I love you baby, don’t ever give up keep your head up and drive on, sometimes it’s takes longer then other to see a change! I see it, it’s there

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