Gym Etiquette 101

Gym Etiquette 101

gym etiquette

For some people gym etiquette is something that comes natural, for others it’s a foreign concept. If you’ve never been in a gym before you’re quite possibly unaware that there’s certain things you can do to make your fellow gym goers happy, or drive them insane. I’m here to make it a bit easier for you to be courteous during your sweat sessions.

  1. Re-rack your weights, for me personally this is one of the biggest things you can do to be polite in the gym, for both the staff and other gym members. If you’re using 45 pound plates in the squat rack, don’t leave them in the squat rack! What happens when the next person that comes along and wants to use the squat rack isn’t as strong as you, and can’t move those plates? If you’re me you say “f*ck it” and find something else to squat with, but that may not always be the case. Also, most of us love our gym staff members, don’t make them have to clean up after you at the end of the day, put your crap back where it goes.
  2. Wipe off your equipment, look around, any gym you go into will have access to paper towels and a sanitizer of some kind. It’s there for a reason. That reason being that nobody wants to use a bench that is soaked with your booty sweat.
  3. Respect others space, don’t start stretching right behind the girl who’s doing kick backs, unless you want your ass to have an awkward encounter with her foot. Not sure if someone’s using a piece of equipment? Ask. It’s not hard to simply say “hey, are you using this?” instead of snagging someones bench and ruining their workout.
  4. Respect the gym, if and when gym equipment is broken or damaged it is really expensive to fix or replace, treat it as if you bought it with your own money. I know, I know, things get real heavy sometimes but do your best to not slam things down on the floor 1. it’s not good for the weights, and 2. it’s not good for the gym floor, let me explain. If you’re working out in a heavyweight gym this likely isn’t as issue but for smaller gyms, dropping heavy weights on the floor can end up being very costly for them. If the floor is only covered in about 1/2″ of that rubbery stuff, and underneath it is just concrete, what do you think is going to happen when heavy weights are repeatedly dropped on it? Yep, that concretes going to crack. So, unless you want your athletic facility to be closed because they have to re-pour concrete, try not to toss your weights on the floor folks.
  5. Use it or get off of it, if you’re doing more texting than lifting on that bench, GTFO.

What are your biggest gym pet peeves? Leave them in the comments below!

Happy Lifting!