Why Proper Running Shoes are Important 

Why Proper Running Shoes are Important 

When I first started on my fitness journey the first thing I did was start running regularly. I found that I was constantly in pain afterwards, at first I thought it was just because I was terribly out of shape. It took a month or so for me to realize that my shin splints and knee pain weren’t normal. First I tried Dr Scholls Active Series insoles and they seemed to help for a week or so before I was back to square one.I tried running in my Addidas, and I’ve ran in my Nikes and neither provided any relief. I kept having to take time off from running because of the excruciating pain that would radiate through my legs every time I put sole to pavement. I knew that if I wanted to accomplish my goal of running a 5k in the near future that I absolutely had to try to find a solution for this. 

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If it does, take the time to go to a local footwear company of yours ASAP. I promise you won’t regret it. I went to the Asics store and had a stride analysis done. All this really entails is a store associate watching you walk barefoot to evaluate your foot fall. A lot of employees at running speciality stores are trained to do this. After having my analysis done I was told that I over pronate pretty severely. Pronation is a natural motion of the foot but depending on your foot arch you could over pronate or under pronate which can cause shin splints and joint pains. 

Over pronation affects about 85% of people so don’t feel ashamed if you’re one of them. A proper pair of shoes can seriously change your running game. I highly recommend Asics. I’ve been a Nike girl for years and I’ll never go back after putting my Asics to the test, different things work for everyone though so figure out what’s best for you. If a new pair of shoes is not in your budget right now, at least try to get a stride analysis done and try some well structured insoles and compression socks. Please try to get running shoes that are properly suited for you as soon as possible though. A proper running shoe can greatly reduce your risk of injury and can even help improve your stride. No, good running shoes aren’t cheap. I was lucky enough to find my Asics on a clearance rack for $50 but usually you’ll be likely to spend $100+ for a pair of well structured running shoes. Cheap is not always good! 

I hope this helps some of my fellow beginning runners out there, if you have anymore helpful tips or tricks drop them in the comments, sharing is caring! 

Happy running!


Long time no see 

Long time no see 

I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I’m going to warn you now that if lengthy, emotional postings aren’t your cup of tea you may want to stop reading here. 

The changes in the seasons really get to me. The lack of sunshine and the onset of 40 degree temps does not mesh well with my anxiety disorder and depression. Over the summer my fitness game was on point, my husband left me alone for military training for 6 weeks and I was determined to look my best when he got home and for our belated honeymoon to Las Vegas. I returned home from beautiful 90 degree days in Sin City to rain and windstorms in Portland. It hit me like a god damn ton of bricks. 

I’ve scarcely been able to summon the energy to get myself out of bed in the morning let alone get into the gym. I know it’s no excuse, but unless you struggle with some kind of mental illness it’s something that’s nearly impossible to understand. That being said, I made it into the gym today for the first time in about 6 weeks and it only renewed all the self doubt I’ve been struggling with recently. My self confidence has been slowly disintegrating and a slew of other problems have arisen because of that. 

I stepped on the scale and it read 127. Which is just 8 pounds shy of me at my lowest point in life (that’s a story for another time). I know that doesn’t sound like a bad number, but I’m 5 foot nothin’ and really petite so even a 5 pound gain can show on me. I can tell you right now I absolutely refuse to be back where I was 5 years ago. I was incredibly unhappy, eating fast food nearly every day, and carried more stress on my shoulders than any one person should. So even though stepping on that scale this morning caused an awful churning in my stomach, it created a new sense of determination in me. 

I will try harder. I will do better. I will not go back to being the old me. The only way to get where I want to be is to work for it. It may seem impossible some days but I’ll only come out stronger in the end.