Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

A lot of you are probably wondering what the craze is surrounding the new Pokemon Go app. It’s simple, for those of us who grew up in the 90’s Pokemon was a staple in most of our lives. Pokemon Go is the closest we’ll ever have to being real Pokemon trainers.

Now this may seem a bit off base from my usual blog posts, but it’ll make more sense soon, I promise. 

In case you aren’t familiar with what Pokemon Go is yet, I’ll give ya a quick run down. Pokemon Go uses GPS tracking to determine your location, much like a running app, and finds virtual critters (Pokemon) nearby for you to catch. Here’s the thing, you actually have to GO OUTSIDE and find those critters if you want to catch them! Occasionally you find eggs, and you have to walk anywhere from 2km-10km for the eggs to hatch. You can train your Pokemon so you can dominate in nearby Pokemon gyms (which sometimes are stationed at actual gyms), and you have to visit Pokestops to collect supplies for your journeys. 

So now you’re probably piecing together why I’m writing about Pokemon Go in my blog. The game is fun, it’s addicting, but most importantly, it’s got people moving. It’s encouraging people to go outside. I’m included in the craze, I’ve found since downloading the app I’m outside and walking an average of 2km-5km every single day. Other Pokemon Go users are also reporting an increase in activity since the app became available on July 7th. Such as a user posting on Imgur by the name HypnoChanger. After he reportedly walked 10km in one day with the game his post stated, “So, for context, I’m a “bit” overweight. Something in the above 500 pounds range. Just got pokemon go the day before yesterday, but the servers were down the whole time. I was finally able to get online yesterday afternoon. I could lie and say I set an outrageous goal for myself and somehow managed to meet it; but really I was just trying to catch some pokemon. I could also lie and say I feel great; but no, All I feel now is pain. Didn’t feel too bad while walking, but after sitting down to write this post, man is it catching up with me fast. I “can’t wait” to find out how I feel tomorrow.” 

That being said, if you need an extra push to get moving go ahead and try downloading Pokemon Go and giving it a whirl. Plus, who doesn’t want to catch these cute little guys?! 

How many Pokemon have you caught so far? 

Happy adventuring! 

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  1. Love that this app gets everyone moving and is everything I ever wanted as a kid! lol

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