How Fitness Changed My Life

How Fitness Changed My Life

If you’ve read my past blogs than one thing you would know about me is that I’ve been incredibly lazy for most of my life. Eat, work, sleep, repeat, more or less. There was no semblance of any physical activity in my life. I started this blog about a year ago with the intention of that being the beginning of my fitness journey, and while it was, I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times. I’ve been going steady for about 3 months now. If I had known then what an impact working out and trying to be healthier was going to have on my life, I probably wouldn’t have kept giving up. Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. My skin- I’ve suffered from pretty bad acne for a majority of my life. I’ve tried so many over the counter and prescription products and nothing ever helped. When I first started to workout regularly I started to have terrible flare ups, but now that I’m past those my skin looks the best it has in 15 years.
  2. Confidence – I think almost every woman has had the days where she feels like nothing fits her right, her hair looks terrible and her makeup just won’t seem to apply correctly. That was every day for me. My self confidence has been so incredibly low for years that it had nowhere to go but up, and that it has. I used to be that girl who went to the gym in full makeup, not anymore. That’s not to say I don’t on occasion when I’m having a tough time but most days it doesn’t feel necessary anymore, heck I’ll even go grocery shopping after the gym now instead of rushing home to try to make myself look more presentable. I only expect my confidence to keep improving over time as I come closer to achieving the body I’d like to have.
  3. Relationships – My husband has been an avid gym goer for years. Its something he tried to get me into but it was always to no avail because it was a choice I had to make for myself. Since I started my journey he’s been kind of like a trainer for me and it’s actually helped create an even stronger bond between us. I’ve met some pretty cool people in the gym too. I

    This is just what I’ve experienced so far with a few months of being consistent about my lifestyle change and I’m excited to see what’s still in store for me. 

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