Running for Beginners

Running for Beginners

A lot of times people wonder how I started getting into running. I was never active, suffered from pretty bad asthma and then suddenly I was running. If you can call jogging for 15 seconds and then gasping for air running, that is. It wasn’t easy getting started. It hurt my lungs. I suffered from shin splints pretty much constantly for months. I don’t want it to suck for you as much as it did for me, so I’m just here to give you a couple little helpful tips for if you’re just getting into running.

  1. Make sure you have the proper shoes for you feet. You can read more about this in my article on why proper running shoes are important.
  2. Set up a training schedule. My goal was to be able to run a 5k so my schedule may look a little different from yours. I started out running 3 days a week for 30 minutes, at different intervals. In my opinion, interval training is one of the best ways to work on your stamina. I used the Zen Labs Couch to 5k app and found it to be incredibly helpful to me. They also have apps for 10k, half marathon, and marathon.
  3. You will be sore at first, especially if you haven’t ran much prior. Please, make sure you always stretch before and after a run. If stretching doesn’t seem to be doing the trick for sore or tight muscles invest in a foam roller or roller stick. Just be sure you know the difference between your muscles being sore and things like shin splints. It’s important to take time off if something doesn’t feel right as pushing yourself too far can result in injuries.

I hope you found this useful, and best of luck to you!

Happy running, Hailey.

How I Met Your Mother workout

How I Met Your Mother workout

So I know How I Met Your Mother isn’t exactly airing anymore, but I’d say this is a pretty good excuse to binge watch it on Netflix (as if you needed an excuse). It’s one of my personal favorites, and I hope you guys enjoy this little workout to go along with it!

how i met yoiur mother crew

  • Barney says “legen-wait for it-dairy!” – 20 jumping jacks.
  • Ted says “the one” – 5 push ups.
  • Barney says “challenge accepted.” – 15 sit ups.
  • Someone has a flashback – plank until the end of the flashback.
  • Marshall and Lily refer to each other as Marshmallow or Lilypad – 10 squats.
10 Post-workout snacks

10 Post-workout snacks

Other than rehydrating one of the most important things to do after a workout is to refuel your body. I know sometimes we think “I just did a workout, I can reward myself with a piece of cake.” Think again, please. Honestly, whatever you put into your body directly after working out might possibly be the most important thing you eat all day. When you workout your body uses up any energy from things you’ve consumed recently, and then uses up stored glycogen or protein. After you workout your body uses up any available protein source to help rebuild and refuel your muscles. That being said, do you see where I’m going here? Protein, protein, protein folks! Here are some good things to refuel your body with post-workout;

  1. Greek yogurt
  2. Protein shakes
  3. Whole grain cereal
  4. Eggs
  5. Quinoa
  6. Salmon
  7. Pita & hummus
  8. Apples & peanut butter
  9. Chocolate milk
  10. Trail mix

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10 things to eat pre-workout

10 things to eat pre-workout

Recently a good friend of mine came to me and said she wanted to start going jogging in the morning and asked me if she should eat before going, and if so, what she should have. I typically like having something small like a banana or protein bar before a workout, but once I really thought about it I had to ask myself “is that the best thing I can be doing for my body?” So, I did a little research to better educate myself and hopefully provide others with some helpful guidance as well.

There’s a lot of debate in the fitness community about whether or not you should eat before working out. I do, my husband doesn’t, and we both make progress in the gym. At this point, I want to say it’s personal preference, but if you’d like to do further research into this or give me some hard evidence I will gladly take it. Anyway, if you do make the decision to eat before working out you want to make sure you have something with good balance of carbs or protein to help you sustain energy. Here are 10 good snack options for you to nosh before hitting up the gym;

  1. Bananas
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Fruit smoothies
  4. Chickpeas
  5. Egg Whites
  6. Dried Fruit
  7. Whole grain toast
  8. Brown rice
  9. Chicken breast
  10. Greek yogurt

What are some of your favorite pre-workout snacks? Share them below!

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Good News!

Good News!

If you guys read my New Years Resolutions post then you’ll know that one of the things I wanted to accomplish this year was to become a brand ambassador for a clothing or supplement company. Well, I have some news! I was recently offered an ambassador spot for Too Pretty. If you haven’t heard of them, you should definitely check them out. They’re all about empowering ladies to go after their dreams. I’m so stoked to be a part of such an amazing movement, because ladies you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

As an added bonus and a thank you to all my followers, you can use code TPHLEIBY at checkout on for 15% off your entire order.

Thank you for the amazing amount of support most of you guys have shown me. I don’t think I could do this without you.